Mosaic is a modular safety controller for protecting machines and personnell. Mosaic is capable of monitoring several safety sensors and commands, such as safety light curtains, non-contact switches, photocells, mechanical switches, mats, emergency stops, two-hand controls.
Note: Mosaic M1 unit does not come with a MSC connector. That item must be purchased separately.
Note: Mosaic MR2 and MR4 modules do not require a MSC connector as they must be manually wired to the selected OSSD outputs.
Light Curtains
The REER safety light curtain line is one of the most complete offerings in the market. REER’s simple (no computers required) approach to safety light curtains makes it easy and fast for customers to maintain their equipment and meet mandated safety regulations.
Safety Modules
Various safety modules for light curtains, 2-hand control, photocell modules, safety relays and speed monitoring.
Safety Photocells
Safety photocells for the protection of workers exposed to risks arising from the use of dangerous machines (according to category 2). Used in conjunction with the AU SX or the AU SXM control units, ILION forms a type 2 photoelectric safety system. ULISSE system can be composed of 1, 2, 3 or 4 single beam photocells connected to an AU SX or AU SXM control unit with Muting, or connected to Mosaic safety controller.
Safety Encoders
The safety Sin/Cos incremental Safecoder encoder together with MOSAIC comprise a SIL 3 certified function for safe speed monitoring. They are characterized by a robust and reliable interface and the ability to handle high mechanical loads and electronic equipment.