Limit switches EN50041
EUCHNER NG Limit Switches are used for the control and monitoring of all kinds of automated machinery and industrial equipment. These position-sensing devices feature high quality corrosion resistant materials. A die-cast aluminum housing is manufactered using standard dimensions and mounting holes. NBR seals protect the switching chamber against coolants and lubricants. EUCHNER offers a variety of actuator heads to fit your requirements. Optional LED status indicators and plug connectors are also available
Precision Single Hole
EUCHNER EGT Single Hole Fixing Limit Switches are technically sophisticated control switches that have held up for decades in harsh industrial applications and are entirely maintenance free. Their cylindrical design enabling direct mounting inside a smooth or threaded hole. This allows the switching point to be easily and accurately adjusted, and eliminates the need for additional mechanical components like levers and linkages to actuate the switch. There are six different styles to choose from, depending on your application.
Precision Single Limit
Euchner Precision Single Plunger Limit Switches have robust housings made of a die cast anodized alloy, offering high performance and corrosion resistance. Euchner offers a variety of plunger styles and housings including DIN versions. Positive Break Safety Contacts and LED status indicators are available on certain models, as well as exterior diaphragms designed to resist the effects of resinous cooling lubricants, fuels and hydraulic fluids.
Inductive Single Limit
EUCHNER Inductive Single Limit Switches are non-contact sensors used for the control and monitoring of machinery and industrial equipment. The switch detects metal as it passes, causing actuation. The robust design allows our inductive sensors to be used as an alternative to mechanical switches in extreme conditions. EUCHNER offers various mounting profiles to fit your application