Coded Magnet Evaluation Units
For non-contact safety switches that use coded magnets to close read head contacts. Actuators and read heads are matched in pairs and are available in 4 different housings. Switches are wired to evaluation units providing safety contacts for use up to Category 4.
RFID Evaluation Units
For non-contact safety switches that use uniquely coded transponders to determine safe machine states. Euchner provides read heads in a wide range of designs with and without guard locking. Evaluation units come in both Unicode and Multicode versions and provide mechanical safety outputs up to Cat4/ PLe.
EUCHNER’s MGB (Multifunctional Gate Box) is a unique interlocking or guard locking system for the protection of safety doors on machines and systems. Even the basic system comprising of the handle module and interlocking/locking module includes numerous functions. Due to the sophisticated modular design, the interlocking/locking module can quickly become a small operator panel.
The EUCHNER ESL is a multifunctional door handle for protecting and monitoring safety guards such as doors and flaps on machines and installations. It consists of a handle and interlocking module equipped with proven CES transponder-coded technology. The compact symmetrical design permits simple mounting on profile rails allowing use on left or right hinged doors.
The EUCHNER Electronic Key System (EKS) allows only authorized personnel to access machine controls and process parameters. The uniquely coded inductive key tags, can providing various levels of authorization. For example, different levels of access can be established for programming, maintenance, operation, etc. The EKS makes passwords obsolete.
Safety outputs switches by insertion or removal of the transponder key, suitable as an electronic key transfer system.
ESM Relays
EUCHNER ESM Safety Relays are designed to evaluate connected safety components and reliably turn off hazardous machine functions in the event of an unsafe condition. It will also ensure that the machine cannot be restarted until the unsafe condition is corrected and the module reset. This can be used to protect people, machinery and manufacturing processes. Up to safety category 4 (in accordance with EN954-1) and stop category 0 or 1 (in accordance with EN60204-1) can be achieved with the proper installation. Standard or time-delay expander modules as well as 2-hand control modules are available
MSC is a modular safety controller for protecting machines and personnel.
AS-i, otherwise known as Actuator Sensor Interface, is a flexible and efficient way to wire all your safety and non-safety inputs (Safety Switches, Limit Switches, ...) and outputs (Solenoids, Stack Lights, LEDs, ...), back to your PLC without affecting your safety category.