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ASO- Safety Contact Bumpers


ASO- Safety contact bumpers - also called bumpers - are safety devices attached to transport vehicles, AGV vehicles, high rack storage areas and flexible systems. They are used in any given situation where overtravel distance is required. A safety contact strip is located in the interior of the bumper and is activated as soon as the bumper is compressed. This information is processed by the evaluation electronic unit and therefore causes all movements to be brought to an immediate stop. When the proper size safety contact bumper is selected, the bumper is activated as soon as pressure is applied and the safe stopping function is ensured.

       Contact Bumper Specifications


Plant Engineering, Gate Installation, Stage Automation, Aircraft hangars

  • Various Sizes available
  • Various colors
    • Black
    • Yellow
    • Black-Yellow
    • Special Colors
  • Simple and fast solution to safeguard against all crushing and shearing points
  • Best suited for large gate installations where edges are too small
  • Short delivery times also with special dimensions
  • Flexible mounting possibilities
  • Insensitive against vibrations
  • Switch contact also with flat activity
  • Customized dimensions, to a millimeter
  • Foam core glued to an aluminimum bracket profile and is covered with vulcanized polyurethane or NBR material
  • Max delivery length 3m
  • At velocity 10mm/s of various bumpers
    • Actuating force 82N to 105.3N
    • Response distance 33.41mm to 129.77mm
    • Overtravel distance 33.24mm to 180.73mm
  • At velocity 100mm/s of various bumpers
    • Actuating force 87N to 122.9N
    • Response distance 34.43mm to 123.08mm
    • Overtravel distance 30.73mm to 172.9mm

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